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Thread: [GUIDE] Asus Transformer T100 Touchpad - Battery drain fix

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    [GUIDE] Asus Transformer T100 Touchpad - Battery drain fix

    Hey guys. I'll keep this short, and sorry about not having any pictures, i dont usually take them while i'm working, but it's dead simple to understand.

    I'm sure some of you experience some battery drain because of having the tablet out of standby mode randomly while it's being docked and the keyboard folded over the screen. I've experienced it several times and left me without battery when i needed it most. I've even had to carry my T100 in my backpack with the keyboard undocked, something i did not imagine having to do because it's why i wanted this tablet in the first place.

    The problem lies with the touchpad not being properly glued/spaced corectly from the screen, i've noticed that one of the corner or both pops up and literally touches the screen while being folded. I've pushed the corner inward and it stays correctly, but a short while later pops up again, makes contact with the screen and gets the tablet out of standby. I've made habit of pushing the touchpad corners each time i close my screen and it's not normal.

    You have to follow the dead simple guide of taking apart the dock (i'm talking here about the normal, non-hdd dock, but i'm pretty sure it's about the same with hdd one). , it's quite good.

    After opening the dock and removing the iron plate, you have to carrefuly lift the tab that connects the flexibile touchpad wire from the mainboard, once it's done, remove the 3 screws holding down the touchpad assembly and carefuly lift the touchpad out of the dock case.

    Use a guitar pick, or sharp yet thin plastic piece and pry apart the touchpad from the thin metal chassis, it's glued on with a double sided tape. Be careful not to overbend the touchpad overlay. Be patient and holds steady, it will break loose eventualy.

    Remove the double sided tape, and pop out a beer, because the next part is the most time consuming, unless you have glue remover.

    Use acetone or any kind of solvent and carefuly peel away all the glue remnants from the thin metal piece (touchpad chassis). Make sure not to leave any.

    After cleaning out the glue, use some better double sided sticky tape, the kind that's made for paper or cardboard, and doesnt have any kind of material sandwiched between. You can even use superglue instead of the sticky tape, but you have to extremely careful positioning the touchpad inside the metal chassis.

    Reposition the touchpad inside the metal chassis, being careful for the round button to be aligned dead center of the square hole of the chassis, otherwise the whole touchpad wont align inside the dock case cutout.

    Add some thin spacers between dock chassis right between the 3 screw holes that holds the touchpad inside the dock case. Be careful to use inside the corners aswel. I've used the sticky foam tape that i found inside the dock for the spacers, sandwiched about 2 layers inside there. The point of this is to lower the top corners even further inside the dock, so it wont ever run the risk of touching the screen again, even if the glue that holds the touchpad in place doesnt work anymore.

    Dont overtighten the screws. I've even used them to level out the depth of the top corners of the touchpad so they wont be at different heights or have the touchpad overlay be bent out of shape. Once your done use some sticky tape to hold the screws in place and not rotate. I try to not use any kind of threadlockers or superglue as it's messy and 8/10 in my experience was not needed.

    Put the flexible band cable that connects the touchpad to the mainboard in place (there are small guide rails inside the very small plastic connector). Push the connector tab in place and reassemble everything.

    Connect the dock to the tablet, test everything, and pop open another beer.
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