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Thread: The differences between the Atom Z3740 Core and the newer Atom Z3775

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    The differences between the Atom Z3740 Core and the newer Atom Z3775

    Intel Atom Z3740 vs Z3775

    In-depth detail in the link above.

    Basically, the Intel Atom Z3775 is able to handle higher temperatures at 105 degrees Celsius max temperature over the Z3740's 70-90 max'd temperature, making it much better for any intensive processes that may heat up the cores more than say a standard browsing or word document. For reference: The Z3775 often is between 60-70 degrees Celsius when just standard browsing with one window.

    The Z3775 is also faster than the Z3740.

    My conclusion is that for the average user that doesn't want to do any more than simple games and standard everyday applications like Microsoft Office and browsing while watching some videos here and there the Z3740 is satisfactory. However, for someone that wants to use the computer for more intensive graphics like a Star Craft game(Brood War AND Star Craft 2 will both cause the cores to heat up noticeably) or other 3D Graphics the Z3775 is a MUST. Even then, I wouldn't game on it too often or for very long as that will cause wear on the processor.

    NOTE: Unlike standard Laptops, due to the Transformer design the keyboard does NOT heat up along with the tablet when gaming while docked. It is also standard with this computer to experience heat in the bottom right corner when charging. If the heat spreads to the middle of the tablet then it is most likely a good idea to take a break and some exercise while the tablet cools back down.

    Using an application like CORE Temp to monitor the temperature of the computer can assist in preventing overheating.

    Please comment below with any tips on cooling the tablet portion of the transformer more effectively while it is docked or anything else featured in this that you would like to comment on. If you notice any mistakes or inaccuracies let me know so they can be fixed.
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    Within general limits, high temperatures don't "wear out" the processor any faster.

    The only issue you might run in to is thermal throttling.

    As for the temp, Intel ARK lists the z3740 as 90C and the z3770 as 90C. They don't have a max temp listing for the z3775 currently, but I'd suspect it is 90C as well. I would not trust the CPU world listing one bit.

    What is going to be the limiting factor is going to be skin temperature of the T100 and thermal dissipation ability. The z3775 has around a 25% CPU clock speed advantage and a 16% GPU clock speed advantage over the z3740, which is pretty significant.

    The question is, how close to thermal throttling does the z3740 get and how much/how long can the z3775 sustain it's maximum turbo speeds. In my experience, the z3740, at least in the T100, is never thermally throttled. I haven't seen it happen in 30+ minute 100% CPU work loads on all 4 cores and I have not noticed GPU or CPU throttling in 10-12 minutes of pretty intense game play (kerbal space program and SC2). Despite the same TDP, it is much more likely that the z3775 will see some thermal throttling when you are talking that much more clock speed, since power consumption increases linearly with clock speed (supposing you need no more voltage to get there, power consumption increases with the square of the voltage).

    So if the z3740 was close to being throttle, the z3775 deffinitely will at some point (but between periods of activity, it could hit full turbo speeds). If the z3740 is far from being thermally throttled, than the z3775 can probably be used to its maximum without any throttling.

    Looking at the pictures of the guts of the T100, there isn't much you could do to improve thermal dissipation, other than changing what the back panel is made out of. The SoC already has a heat spreader on the back of it and it also appears to be attached to the internal metal chasis of the T100 by a thermal pad on the front of it.

    As for noticing things, just depends on what you do. I'd suspect between possible thermal throttling, utility of GPU clocks and the CPU clocks, you'd probably see between 10-20% better frame rates in most games. For CPU bound applications, you'd probably notice 15-25% increase in performance. Which is all nice, but generally isn't earth shattering differences in performance.

    Also moving this one to the correct discussion forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DKL View Post
    The Z3775 is also faster than the Z3740.
    Specifically about 10% faster,
    Z3775 = 1.467GHz
    Z3740 = 1.333GHz
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickscheller View Post
    Specifically about 10% faster,
    Z3775 = 1.467GHz
    Z3740 = 1.333GHz
    Those are just the base clocks... but the Max Burst Clocks are also higher...

    Z3775 = 2.39GHz
    Z3740 = 1.86GHz



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