Since this question seems to get asked every couple of days, I am hoping to nip the question in the bud.

Asus Live Update lags anywhere from about a week up to around 3 weeks or so on how current the updates are compared to what they put on their website.

This appears to be a feature and not a bug. Asus, I assume and others have postulated as well, post updated drivers and BIOS files on their support website first and then wait a couple of weeks to push them through live update, probably intentionally to allow users who download through the website to act sort of as beta testers so that if users start reporting problems with an updated driver or BIOS they can pull it from the website and then not deploy it through Asus Live Update.

Since Asus Live Update probably has a significantly wider audience it cuts down on potential problems for a larger end user group.

So if you want the latest and greatest drivers, hit the Asus US support website first. The US support website seems to lead the international or most other local support websites by 12-36hrs for whatever reason in new driver/BIOS versions.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download T100TA

Or, just wait for Asus Live Update to carry the updates if you prefer to play it a bit safer and don't mind waiting a couple of weeks.