So my newly purchased T100 Chi is almost useless to use as an actual laptop due to the terrible touchpad. I sent the following to ASUS and their answer so far is "Downgrade to Windows 8". Are there any workarounds? Different drivers?


I am having issues with a newly purchased T100 Chi and Windows 10. The touchpad at random times will become almost completely unresponsive for upwards of 5 minutes. Attempting to move the mouse will result in it being very hesitant or laggy, not track your finger properly, etc. After a few minutes it will resume behaving properly all on its own - very strange!

* I have tried both the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 drivers from the ASUS website
* I have checked the Task Manager during these problems and the CPU/Disk/Memory is in normal ranges and not taxed.
* The keyboard is responding fine, I am able to navigate with the keyboard without any problems. It is just the touchpad
* I have disabled all 3 finger gestures and most 2 finger gestures in the Smart Gesture control panel.

Is this a known issue?