I thought I had done my research and assumed a power bank capable of 5v amd 2.5amp output would be sufficient to charge my t100ta. The Ravpower 23000mah on the box claims it can do this from one of its USB ports.

I plugged in my t100 to it when it was at 20% remaining and left it overnight. Next morning I checked and the t100 was still at 20%. It wasn't on sleep mode, it had been completely turned off.

I checked to make sure I had connected it to the power bank correctly (the PB has two USB ports, one capable of 5v/2.5a charging and the other for 5v/1A charging). It was indeed connected to the correct port and I was left dumbfounded.

Am I missing something? I could have sworn from all the I read that 5v/2.5a would be perfect for the t100 but after further testing the powerbank seems incapable of charging the device.

The powerbank works on my other devices. It can charge my iphone and my laptop perfectly. But for the t100 it can't!

Link to Ravpower 23000 specs.