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    Angry Weird charging issue! Help

    I bought a T100-tam used for a great price but I'm having some issues with it. The guy that sold it to me gave me a warning to only use the asus charger and he left a spare in the box for whatever reason. I don't know for sure if I have the right charger but I'm pretty confident it's the original. When I plug it in, the computer registers that the charger is connected for just a moment. The screen brightness goes up and inside winflash the charger connected warning disappears for just a moment then reappears. The charge light does come on and stays on and the computer does register a charge but it's very weak and even when plugged up the battery charge goes down pretty fast.

    I bought a better charger that had a ton of great reviews from t100 owners and is supposed to fix the slow charge problem. The new charger has the exact same problem as the one the guy gave to me. Exchanging it or buying a new laptop are NOT the advice I'm looking for. My pet peeve (and everyone else's) is when someone responds with "Just buy...." I'm trying to FIX this one, not buy a new one. I had bios 204 and windows 8.1. I updated to bios 400 and windows 10. Is there an in-between bios that might fix the problem? I also think it's possible that the micro usb slot could have bent pins or lent in the slot and I'll check that out to the best of my ability. When you guys plug up your charger does it blink like mine or does the computer register the charge correctly. I also heard about a windows update for the battery management, is that my solution? Also does anybody know if I open up the keyboard on the t100tam will I find a slot for a sata laptop drive or no? I'm thinking no but I would hook one up with a home made on off switch to save battery power when not in use.

    -bios 400
    -Win 10 (despyed as much as I could figure out)

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    Welcome to the forum

    Sounds like you are on a voyage of discovery that might take you to uncharted waters, however, at least one of your questions has already been answered many times here. You will not find a slot for a drive in your keyboard. Only the models that ship with a 500gb drive have that on the T100. It is different on the T200.

    Please post in the correct section, I am moving your thread to the T100 Battery/Charging section.

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