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Thread: [GUIDE] Battery Stuck at random percent, percentage charge NOT reducing, NOT charging

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    Lightbulb [GUIDE] Battery Stuck at random percent, percentage charge NOT reducing, NOT charging

    Well guys I am posting here my experiences during all the issues I have faced concerning Battery to help people who came across these problems which I wrote in the Title of this Thread itself!

    I was able to fix all of these problems on my brand new tablet not 4 weeks old, and no I didn't wanted to go across the replacement option as I am very far from the place I purchased and traveled recently on vacation, and this is my only computer/laptop with me, hence I use it 10-12hrs daily and without AC a lot as well.

    Let’s start with the details of each and every aspect of these issues which I faced, while being annoying and being very irritating indeed,

    My Laptop Specs:
    Asus T100TA - DK024H
    Processor IntelĀ® Atom™ Z3775 @ 1.46 Ghz
    Ram 2Gb
    64 GB Storage
    Windows 8.1 – All Updates as of this date including all Optional except (Microsoft Silverlight)
    Full Office 2013 Pro installed, I use Outlook and others a lot for my daily usage (All updates till date)

    1- Battery plugged In but not Charging at 49%:

    - This was the first issue I faced after using the laptop for a week’s time, I could have simply tried to do the below fix but instead, I went on to upgrade my BIOS to 313 (mine was on 307) and the issue was simply gone right from the start so not much detail into this.

    2- Battery Stuck at 67%, 43% 59%, 49%, 22%, Battery percent will charge by A/C but will not reduce when in-use without AC:

    - After using this laptop constantly with charged battery to 100% first and not on A/C, I came across a problem on my second week with this whereby my battery would be stuck at random percentages after normally going down and wouldn’t go up when on charging nor reduce even while being on A/C later on it would show the plugged in Icon but not charging except stay stuck at random percentages, this only happened randomly and from time to time sometimes it would work sometimes it didn’t after few days the problem became persistent whereby I had to try a lot of things including uninstalling any necessary big patches applied recently or system restore and going through all the basic troubleshooting procedures to no avail. Do remember by then, I had already updated my Bios version as stated in Point 1 already. The possible fix in my case was to go to my Device Manager > Batteries > Uninstall Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery ONLY nothing else.

    2015-01-10 21_27_06-Greenshot capture form.png 2015-01-10 21_28_49-Device Manager.png

    And there’s a trick to uninstalling the above properly and making it reinstall as well, if you simply do the above and keep using the system, it will reinstall back automatically and revert to the previous issue which you had , you need to shut down your laptop properly, keep it shut down without any AC charge or anything, for 8-10 hrs. Usually do this before going to bed, wake up and when you get time, then turn it back on by holding the power button for a few seconds until the white light turns on, doing so I realized the battery showed accurate results and not prolonged the previous issues stated otherwise above.

    One little I did notice was the Battery Wear, which was ‘14%’ is now showing ‘0.0%’ after doing this little practice above where I kept it for overnight, much more on this in Point 4.

    3- Calibrating your Asus T100TA battery:

    - Well this ‘IS’ required if you have frequent issues with your battery using your Asus T100TA like I did and after multiple battery issues, I had to do this as well which helped me fixing the above issues in the first place. To calibrate your battery, there are many ways of doing it, if you follow the book, but the most easiest and convenient one I did/used was, used the laptop continuously until I have drained out the battery to its maximum capacity, whereby you start receiving warnings at levels ‘10%’, ‘5%’, ‘2%’ and ‘Create a new Power-plan’ called ‘Calibrate Battery’ Go to Advanced Settings of this power plan > Expand Critical Battery Action > On Battery > Change Hibernate to Do Nothing. Let the system crash and yes it does crash so keep in mind not to do anything intensive and start saving and closing your apps when the Battery Level reaches 5% or less, wait for it to go down completely, until the Orange/Red Blinking Light starts, you will also see the White Light lit up next to your webcam when the system goes down and crash, after this keep the laptop lid closed and press the power button to make sure there is no ounce of battery left, and the tablet/laptop does not turn on at all. Keep the laptop left for 5-10 mins after it crashed and the battery’s completely drained, then connect the AC-Power and keep it overnight for 10-12 hours.

    2015-01-10 21_30_38-Power Options.png

    The next day, makes sure you see the white charged light meaning its fully charged now. Then Press and Hold the Power button until the White Light is lit and the laptop/tablet turns on. Once on, you will see that the Battery is calibrated and will show accurate results and indeed cure most of the battery problems (not charging, unable to charge, battery stuck).

    Make sure you change your battery plan as well to the Balanced or the normal one which you had in the first place, observe the battery closely this following day and you will definitely see a change.

    4- Battery Wear:

    - This is something I noticed and I will explain exactly what happened with my Battery Wear During the Above process, When I got the laptop the first thing I did was install all Windows 8.1 on AC overnight and CPUID Hardware Monitor with the Battery Bar. After a few days of use and charging normally on AC overnight, I saw the Battery Wear going to ‘4.8%’ and the next day’s forward reaching up to ‘6%’, ‘10%’ and ‘14%’ where it just remained at ‘14%’ Battery Wear and never went up nor went down from there.

    When I faced the problems stated in Point 2, and going through the calibration and the Uninstallation of the ‘Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery’ from the device manager and the process further explained in Point 2 fixes, I noticed the next morning when I turned on the Computer, the Battery Wear showed ‘0.0%’, now after a couple days its stuck on ‘3.0%’ and not ‘14%’ which it would show otherwise, which proves the recharge cycle during the calibration of the battery performed as stated above, fixed the wear calculation on Windows accurately as well for me, and now I have a normal charge, normal battery, and no issues, for the last week and a half of the fixes I applied above, and have yet to see the battery wear raise and go above at all, even though I have seen it go up before when you normally put it on AC charging for a lot of hours you generally see it increase the next day when you start using your laptop, which was not the case this time around.

    I do plan on seeing and doing more calibration or recharge cycles end-to-end to see if it will reduce the wear more, but that’s not just me.

    It seems battery wear does go down this way as well, if you keep the 'Tablet/Notebook' on charging and on sleep mode while your normal charging is going on like daily, but for a long time 8-10 hrs even if its 100%, this really kicks in when it reaches 100% and then the discharge rate remains at '0%' because the unit is on AC Power, keeping it like this reduces the wear down on the battery as tested by myself you should note the Battery Wear going down frequently, I have gotten down to '2.3% 'from '3.0' by following this practice from to time.

    5- Tools to Consider:
    a) CPUID Hardware Monitor – For seeing the battery wear/consumption/charged state
    b) Battery Bar – For seeing Battery Percentage (you may rely more on seeing the actual wear/consumption/voltage rates on the CPUID Hardware Monitor)

    Just to let people know I get roughly around ‘9:45 – 10:25 ~ish’ moderate to normal hours on one charge of this laptop/tablet with heavy/constant frequently uses for people who want to know. It takes around 6 hours to refill my battery to 100% from ‘2%’, Battery drainage every hour with the dock is ‘1.2%’, and just for the record I use this Tablet/Laptop a lot as a laptop other than tablet with a wireless mouse because of my sweaty hands, which you can firmly ignore , there’s always a wireless mouse receiver connected to the 3.0 USB on the dock majority of the time whenever I use it unless accessing large files over an external HDD. Another fun fact I noticed last night is the Idle time on a charge which was surprisingly very good, when I slept at 12:30 AM, the laptop was at ‘49.4%’, when I opened the lid this morning at around 11:45 AM, the laptop was only at ‘38.8%’ which means I had quite a lot of battery still to use it even though it was on Idle whole night and with the dock and my mouse 2.4 ghz receiver connected for around 12 hours straight.

    I am sure there are a lot of people out there, with battery dilemma’s its issues it brings and I am one of them as well who got pretty annoyed with it. During the whole time I faced it. I really hope some of the above points I have mentioned, will fix the problems of many users or at least tell them what is happening and what to do during such issues, If you have any questions, feel free to ask me , I love my tablet/laptop and I want people to love it too, as its much more then what the spec sheet says otherwise, and you will see whatever you spent on getting this in the first place was worth every penny !!

    Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to all!

    P.S I am working on getting some screenshots done, so I will post them from some of the steps/fixes I posted above, where I see fit in case you need them ! If some changes I will note in my findings as above written, I will update them here accordingly.

    Update #1 (02/02/2015):
    I had the same problem which I wrote in Point 2, after two months of battery working great, battery got stuck again to '64%' yesterday and won't go down, but it will only charge up, I performed the calibration explained in Point 3, and once again the battery is now calibrated, and working great, battery isn't stuck at 64%, no more issues .

    Update #2 (07/02/2015):
    Battery wear has surprisingly went down to '1.7%' from '2.3%' after the issue/calibration as explained above in 'Update 1', which is still quite good, and I am getting a slightly better battery stretch then before.
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    Thanks for posting...

    I have added [GUIDE] to your thread title & stuck the thread in the battery section.
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    I tried calibrating my battery, but as soon as I deleted the ACPI control, no battery was detected. I did the following steps anyway, but no battery is detected. Is this normal?

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    Excellent thread. One issue: to calibrate the battery I could not change Advanced Settings > Expand Critical Battery Action > On Battery > Change Hibernate to Do Nothing. There was no Do nothing option, only Shut down. I had to go to the Command prompt (Powershell) and enter this command:

    powercfg -setdcvalueindex SCHEME_CURRENT SUB_BATTERY BATACTIONCRIT 0

    Restart Power Options and the Do nothing option will be shown as selected.



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