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    No Longer Charges in USB after Updates?

    After updating the BIOS and firmware and such, it doesn't charge when I plug it into a usb now (such as a battery pack, computer, laptop, etc) and only charges when I plug it into an outlet.

    Is this normal? I'm pretty sure before I updated I could charge it without any problems in my computer.

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    Welcome to the forum Acetonide...

    I've been a T100 owner since October 2013 and involved in this forum since November 2013 and yours is the first report of system updates causing selective charging issues. Maybe someone here has an idea.

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    Computer/Laptop USB ports typically don't have enough power to charge the T100 (about 0.5A). Battery Packs should be able to charge the T100 only if it can output 2A minimum. The power brick that comes with the T100 supplies 2A so it has enough power to charge the T100. Anything lower than 2A would cause slow trickle charge or not charge at all if the T100 is powered on.



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