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    Is the battery in the T100TA replaceable when it eventually gives out?

    The title says it all. I don't mean replaceable by me (god forbid) but rather by sending it to ASUS and having them do it for a fee. Just looking ahead to the future. ..:-)

    Actually, I do have one more question. My "I.T. guy," who comes out and helps us when we're having computer issues, has always told me that it's best for the battery to discharge it fully - or, rather, down to 10%, when you get that little popup box that tells you to plug it in. That's what I do with my Dell laptop. But with the ASUS tablet, I've read all over the internet that's it much better for the battery to discharge it only partially, say, to 50 or 40%, and do a complete discharge just every so often.

    I think my full-size laptop (the Dell) and the ASUS Transformer have different kinds of batteries, so maybe that's the difference. Does anyone know for sure which is better? - a full or partial discharge?

    The thing is, if you're going to be using the ASUS for long periods of time (I'm a writer - that's why I bought it - to be transportable), what if you get down to 40% but you still need to keep on writing or doing whatever it is you're doing? Also, they advertise that 11 hour battery life -- well, that must be based on a full discharge, right?

    I guess I'm a little confused :-) Thanks for any help.

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    You can purchase a battery pack for when you need extended battery life. Before I sold my TF700T, I had an Energizer 19v battery pack with a step down Willy Wire device to reduce the voltage to 15V. It would power the TF700T for over 4 hours, maybe even 6, I don't remember exactly. Just make sure you get the correct voltage and amperage for your device. You can find what you need on Amazon.
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    Welcome to the forum. In our extensive battery use guide, and from what is written in the Battery University web site, it appears that what you've read all over the Internet is correct. Discharging partly and then charging will prolong the battery life. Most likely your T100 battery will last several years whatever you decide to do. The 11 hour battery life is based on very low screen brightness among other things. They usually list those things on the web page for the product. Consumer use is most likely a bit less.

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    Hi Valerie,

    I agree with Swipe - your best bet is to recharge at somewhere between 40-50%. But whatever you do, do not allow your battery to ever become fully depleted. Lithium based batteries do not like to be fully flattened & sometimes when they are they can refuse to accept a normal charge thereafter. There is the "trickle charge" option which often resurrects them in that situation, but better to avoid it.

    Lithium batteries are not like ni-cad batteries and have no memory effect. Please take a read through the dedicated battery section we have here for the T100 where you will find copious discussions on this subject.

    On the subject of battery life --- Asus state on their website, " Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries typically have a lifespan of between 300 and 500 cycles. With moderate use, Lithium-ion batteries can be expected to deliver around 80% of their original capacity after 300 cycles or about one year of use." With that in mind, I wouldn't think you should ever worry about getting your battery changed. With normal "domestic" use you should reasonably expect to get 2 years of good service from your T100 & frankly at that point in my view you would be better advised to sell it on & replace it rather than spend money on a replacement battery.

    All the best

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