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    "AC Mode" notification appears over and over again


    I am having a problem with my T100 tabket. It seems to be the battery or something related to it, but I am not sure.

    The problem is that when I use the tablet plugged in, I get the "AC Mode" notification quite often, at random intervals. Sometimes it appears once every 2-3 seconds, and sometimes 10-20 minutes pass until I see this notification again. I also get this message more often after the battery is fully charged.

    I checked all the connectors, I tested with a different cable, and it also happen while charging directly from the PC.

    The curious thing is I do not get a AC Mode message followed by Battery Mode message, I only see the AC Mode.
    Also, this two notifications seem to appear with a great delay when I plug in or unplug my tablet.

    Can you please suggest a solution for this? It is very annoying to see this AC Mode in center of my screen so often. Maybe disable the notification? Or investigate somehow is the problem is in the battery itself or just the drivers?

    Thank you

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    I had the same with 304 bios, with 306 is better. I suggest you to unplug it and plug back in after its below 95%



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