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Thread: Minimum wattage requirement to charge T100

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    Quote Originally Posted by ten1777 View Post
    Sorry, couldn't omit the quote.
    My Asus supplied wall charger (2A) outputs just over 5.3 volts no-load. The USB port measures 5.26v fully charged (I assume this is the battery voltage). When plugged into a purchased 2.1A dual outlet wall charger that measures 5.06v no-load the tablet slowly starts discharging. I disconnected at 17% indicated. I haven't tried it on the 5.17v 2.1A in the car yet.
    What kind of charger? There is Apple compatible and then there is pretty much anyone else.


    There may be exceptions where one is dual mode to work with Apple devices and also non-Apple devices. However, as a general rule, Apple compatible chargers will not charge the T100 one iota. I have tried with several different Apple chargers and non-Apple brand, but Apple compatible chargers and power banks. Not a single one will charge my T100 at all.

    I have tried several non-Apple chargers and they all work, including a straight .5a charger (PAINFULLY slow charging though. Like 5% per hour in sleep mode).

    If you need an aftermarket one and don't need fancy pants higher amperage, look for a REAL Samsung S3/4/Note 2/3 charger. Its smaller than the Asus charger and is also a 2.1A charger. Works great on my T100.

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    In an attempt to get ~ 2A to flow from the nominal 5v out I tried the following. (5v/2.5ohm=2A) Placing 2.6 ohms (4 ten ohm nominal 10W resistors in parallel) across the purchased 2.1A (5.06v unloaded), the voltage dropped to 2.45v (0.94A). Placing the same 2.6 ohms across the Asus supplied charger (5.3 volts unloaded, which works) the voltage dropped to 2.38v (0.92A). Looks like the 2A rating is into a short circuit but I am not going to try that. When the T100 is plugged into a 5.17v 1A rated USB-2 the screen charging monitor reads "Plugged in, not charging." It appears to require an external voltage over 5.17 to convince the charging circuitry to activate. Remember, it is very hard to get current to flow without a voltage difference. Yes, I know about short-switching voltage doublers.
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