Hi, frosty piddle, and jumping in at the deep end.

Bought a used T100TA, 2GB/32GB, no HDD in keyboard.
I love it!

I read a bunch of posts about how difficult it _was_ to run 64bit Linux, then banged my head against it the hard way like everyone else.

After a while I chucked a PendriveLinux install of Mint onto a USB/SD and it booted.

Steps so far:
Disable Secure Boot, create Mint 64bit http://pendrivelinux.com with their UEFI YUMI tool.

Now I know Pendrive has a bootloader which loads a 64bit OS I want to install it to the SSD, and run 64bit Win10 with it (which uses the same key as the 32bit already on there) alongside.

I'm not actually asking for help at this point, but nobody seems to have pointed out this method yet.