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Thought I'd post an update since there has been some activity relatively recently.

I am currently writing this post from my Asus T100HA running Ubuntu 19.10. My experience so far has been wonderful all the important bits work out of the box.

Automatic screen rotation
Tablet Keys
Battery Monitor

The only thing i haven't been able to use OOB is the Cameeras, to me this isn't a deal breaker but would love to know if anyone has had any luck getting the cameras working on Ubuntu.

on a side note I did try switching to the SDDM display manager (lubuntu-desktop) and found that even though the screen orientation was being picked up by the sensors, lubuntu didn't change the display orientation automatically

this can be seen by running `monitor-sensor` in the terminal and rotating your device
I just installed Ubuntu Release 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) 64-bit. But the side volume keys don't work. And undocked, I have to rely on the onboard onscreen keyboard. Do your volume keys work? and is there an undocked mode?