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ok so, ive still not been able to get anything else to boot besides both the 64 bit and the 32 bit version of android x86 and lakka. the system doesnt even rcognize the 32 bit version of xubuntu, formatted under both gpt and mbr. which is weird because it does when trying to boot lakka or the android x86.

ill keep trying different things and get back with you guys

I'm in the same boat you are with this tablet. been trying everything under the sun. Some android would work like Bliss Roms but, wifi, is unstable and doesn't stay connected. The sound plays from both headphones and speakers (at least mine does.) Can't barely get anything to but from the flashdrive. Rufus gets all weird sometimes. I did ChromeOS to work that was the only thing stable kinda. Also did get the latest Ubuntu but it was kinda sluggish in the app drawer. Let us know what you get to work im dying to get android on this thing. lol