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Thread: Android as second operation system?

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    Same here. Bluestack and other Emulators are too slow/buggy. There is a kickstarter campaign going on to make Android for the desktop. The project is named ConsoleOS. Asus T100 is a supported device. Take a look and contribute!

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    Hey all, new and loving this forum. Just thought I would throw in my .02-

    1) Seems to me MS is doing more to take Windows into the mobile arena, than Google is in taking Android into the desktop arena. Now I know some will get sick at the idea of android as a desktop OS, but if done properly it could work and work well. I do think Android as a desktop OS can work better than (true) Windows as a mobile OS.

    2) For Android to do this Google needs to make apps that offer an equal experience(s) / capabilities to MS Office 2013, apps that can burn CD's/DVD's, etc...just like Windows has right now. Will that ever happen?? Probably not!

    3) In order for Microsoft to go mobile, they will have to ditch metro UI and have a more icon based UI like Android does, in "metro mode". Then this same icon based UI will more fluidly work when transitioned into the desktop mode. In desktop mode when an application is open, I predict they will have "barely visible" window control buttons show up when the screen is touched or when the mouse goes past a certain point, at the top of a given window. These same "ghost" control buttons will be big enough for easy touch interface with a setting that will allow a user to shrink them or make them permanently display like they do now. MS will also need a switch in its kernel that will load a software layer to interact with whatever hardware is detected, mobile chipset/non mobile chipset, etc.

    4) If my assumptions/predictions are correct...and they absolutely could be would seem making Android "as good as" Windows on a desktop, is easier than making Windows "as good as" Android on a phone. In the end; I do believe big business is going to demand the axiom: 1 OS to rule them all (devices) that all information is real time and homogeneous, since THE OS being used on the desktop/laptop/tablet/phone is THE SAME OS. No watered down this/that, no additional app needed to make a spreadsheet created on a phone; populate/display/print correctly on a desktop, etc.... 1 OS.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share. Personally I bought my T100 for its size/capability, and less for its touchscreen. That's just me though. I will say the T100 isn't that good with touch interface outside of Metro UI. That's a MS issue not an Asus issue though. Everything else on this device kicks a$$; great battery life, beautiful screen, decent sound, and fully capable/integrated with every bit of hardware I have thrown at it...because it IS full Windows. As far as Asus is concerned....I would have like a faster charger.

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    Dual booting Android and Win 8.1 on Asus T100TA

    Hey, so I came across this here:

    He seems to have both Windows and Android running very smoothly. I would like to do this for the purpose of using some streamlined android apps to annotate pdfs, etc.

    Can anyone explain how this dual booting is done, or if there's already a guide out there I'm missing that is specific to the T100 perhaps link it? I had no luck when googling around.


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    Welcome to the forum

    A thread just like this one, perhaps. Or one of the other similar threads in this T100 Alternate OS section...

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    PLEASE Search for existing threads before posting a new one. Thanks.

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