Hi everyone,

I could use some help. For various reasons, I need to at times be able to use both an external keyboard and external mouse with my t100 (while still docked to kb.)

I have an arctouch usb mouse. It had the typical bug of losing cxn; it worked after downloading the newest driver and has not repeated that behavior.

I have the MS mobile BT kb. The kb worked once, when the mouse was not plugged in and before I updated the driver. It sounds absurd, but the kb won't work with the mouse plugged in; the BT never finds the device now. (Yes, even w/out the usb mouse in now, BT searches and doesn't find kb.)

Has anyone had this issue? found a fix? drover that solved it? gotten a different external kb and mouse combo to work? I would prefer both BT, so I get my usb port back. I will replace either or both to make this work.