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    unit won't charge while is on - brainstorming

    Hi, a client brought me this dude, t300 chi and i noticed that it won't charge until it's completely off.

    I fully exclude windows 10 problem, because even in bios fw update utility, it asks for "plug in power adapter" so it doesn't work at all.

    core M and 4 gig of ddr3 1500mhz ram 128gb ssd, never open.

    things i've done:
    - try another 19v power adapter 96w are quite enought - nothing's changed
    - isoprophyl alcool on the adapter jack and nothing changed

    this brought me to these options:
    - INTEL MANAGEMENT ENGINE - I have to try to install last ME update
    - BIOS update is not possible, there's v207 installed and v209 available, but i can't flash if there's no power adapter recognized -.-'
    - HW FAILURE - the voltage regulator, or one of his arem, of the laptop is faulty (at last...)

    now I have to try a workaround to flash bios without power adapter.

    I'm so disgusted from asus and lack of utils... lenovo has a windows utils that allow to flash bios during windows time...

    I update you folks if i found a solutions.

    i found that when battery is 100% flash bios utils is available.
    so i updated 207 -> 209 but still same issue.
    i updated management engine and other intel stuff.

    none of the above get results.

    if i set battery on average mode from windows, it charge without problem during the daily use.
    instead if I set performance mode, doesn't charge at all.
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    Thanks for the update. Happy to know that its already functioning well.



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