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    Question T300 Chi usb problem

    About two months ago I upgraded to a T300 Chi from a T100. For the most part the T300 has worked well but has an annoying problem running my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse from the usb port. Both run through the factory usb dongle and an Amazon usb 3.0 4 port hub which also feeds the charger for the bluetooth keyboard. I ran these for a year with my T100 without any problem.

    Periodically the keyboard, mouse or both will lock up for a random length of time, sometimes as much as 20 seconds. I have experimented with various options and settings including using a 3rd party 3.0 dongle. The later seemed to make the problem worse. Occasionally I get a notice that the usb device I attached did not install properly. This message too seems to appear at random and often when I have not made any changes. Occasionally I get a chime like a warning or mail chime, but no message pops up.

    I have been monitoring the Windows Device Manager assuming that a problem might show up there. With the 3.0 dongle I got a failure message under Universal Serial Bus controllers which remained even when I unplugged the dongle. At the same time the factory keypad also became unstable, even with the dongle not installed. After several reboots that problem seems to have resolved itself so long as I do not use the 3.0 dongle.

    The only strange thing I see in Device Manager with the factory 2.0 dongle is a massive number of lines in the Human Interface Devices tab. Right now here are the ones I see, many with multiple copies noted (xx).

    Bluetooth HID Device (1)
    HID-compliant consumer controlled device (5)
    HID-compliant pen (1)
    HID-compliant system controller (2)
    HID-compliant touch screen (1)
    HID-compliant vendor-defined device (7)
    HID-compliant wireless radio controls (1)
    USB Input Device (3)
    USB Input Device (Logitech Download Assistant) (1)

    I have deleted most of these with no apparent change and they always seem to repopulate. So there seems to be some system conflict here that I am not able to decipher. Hopefully this is not a random electrical problem with the computer itself. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I just purchased my T300 Chi and I'm only starting to familiarize myself with it so forgive me if this question is stupid: where do I connect the factory USB dongle to the Chi? The only port it fits into is the power port for the keyboard dock but it won't recognize my Logitech M305 Wireless Mouse. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    It also fits in the USB 3.0 mini port on the right side of the tablet. Plug it in the shape the closely matches the OTG cable.



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