Got my P1801 system in the last week of Sept.'13 and had an extremely disappointing out-of-the-box experience: totally unresponsive touchscreen, wouldn't work with either Windows or Android mode! Everything else worked fine with kbd & mouse. Reported the fault to the local Asus Tech Support.

While Asus-US Tech Support (1-888-678-3688​) initially advised me to do a System Reset/Recover, Asus-India Tech Support could quickly diagnose the actual touchscreen problem, without the need to replace the Tablet. They promptly sent me a screen Recalibrate utility <Windows executable>... took just a second to run and resolved the touchscreen problem. [What took longer was the effort to open the RAR file sent by them !!]

Turned out to be a positive first-time interaction with Asus-India Tech Support. Thanks to the Team