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    Asus T303UA Issues

    I only had my Asus T303UA (i7/8GB RAM) for less than 10 months and have been constantly experiencing a multitude of problems including:

    - trackpad skipping, moving randomly and basically becoming totally unusable;
    - the right sound speaker is not working / making cracking noise;
    - the laptop overheats regularly despite having the loudest fans I have ever heard;
    - "blue screen" errors occurring daily;
    - the touchscreen becomes unresponsive after a couple of hours of use;
    - battery life well below 2hrs even with modest use;

    All of these have been manifesting over those few months. I have attempted to mitigate the problems somewhat - installing ASUS and Windows updates regularly, bought an external mouse and keyboard etc. But I think there has come a point where this product is practically unusable. After spending nearly 1,000 on it (bought from eBuyer in the UK), I am utterly disappointed.

    I just thought sharing this with others on this forum just in case someone has had any luck sorting out at least some of the issues above - I do not really feel like spending another pile of money on yet another laptop so soon after buying this one...

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    Welcome to the forum Kieutrang, really sorry you're having these problems! Did you buy your device new?
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    It's sad to see so many Asus customers buying high-end products that only last a few months before inevitably becoming useless. The mousepad skipping, loud buzzing fan noise, and battery life are all common issues with the T304U and Asus representatives constantly refuse to acknowledge these factory defects. I've since switched over to a MS Surface and haven't looked back.

    The blue screen is likely due to the system crashing from excessive heat from the CPU - which is due to the fan not blowing sufficiently and efficiently - which is due to the overall poor design and build of the transformer in general. If I had known of all these issues I would've stayed far away, it's a real shame.



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