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    Dual external monitors


    What is the simplest and most cost effective way of connecting the T303UA to two external monitors?


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    For Windows 10 machines, there are a variety of inexpensive (£10-£50) USB to Video adapters on the market that might help do what you want.

    Which you need will depend on what input your monitors require, and what ports your computer supports. The adapters I'm currently using are no-name USB3 to VGA (bought from Maplin), and feeding into a multi-head KVM switch. I added a powered USB3 hub (per computer) for them as my tiny Asus and Acer machines can't power even two adapters at once. And I had to buy sets of identical adapters together for each machine, as I've found mixing adapter brands (or even different models) on the one Windows machine causes problems with incompatible drivers: The chipsets and drivers are often identical, but not identical enough.

    You also need to watch what you're doing, as the adapters are very bandwidth limited and don't cope well with rapidly changing images or high resolution video: If there's too much going on, the screens just go black for a second or so, then refresh when things settle. In extreme cases, the adapter drops to 800x600x16 colours, and needs to be coaxed back to doing anything better. And mine can't do dimmable displays with, e.g., F.lux or Windows' blue light filter. But they're absolutely fine for a screen of text-only windows, e.g., console accesss to a stack of Raspberry Pi, or for Remote Desktop (with limited bandwidth) to a single remote machine.

    I did try running them with the USB going through and being switched by the KVM switch, and thus only one adapter per screen, but wasn't at all surprised when it didn't work - both in terms of bandwidth and with the difficulty of switching - so I'm stuck with:
    Computer -> USB hub -> adapters -> KVM switch -> monitors.

    Hope that's useful!



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