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    Question Power Bank for Transformer 3 Pro

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, I purchase the machine for about 10 month. Unfortunately, there are some common issue on my device(fan problem, touch pad problem, heat problem etc.) and I have sent it back to repair twice(fan and heat problem is a dead end) and gonna to have the third time sooner(fan problem again )

    Anyway, back to topic. I am looking for a power bank that can juice up Transformer 3 Pro. I found (from the charger) the machine feed on 20V/2.25A, and yes I know the Asus Zenpower Max will definitely do the charging, but it is way too expensive and huge(as big as a baton torch x0x).

    I can find another power bank named ZMI10 from my region, the SPEC shows the type-C port support 5-20V with maximum 40W output, which means it can provide up to 2A current(proved). Here comes the question, does it mean the power bank can juice up the Transformer 3 Pro with just a little bit slower comparing with the official AC charger? (2A vs 2.25A)


    PS. more info for the power bank:
    the power bank is using 6 18650 Li-ion Battery(3 Pack 2-Channel), power cap. is 72Wh/10000mAh, which means the voltage is 7.2V
    The price is 25% of Zenpower Max, and the size is way smaller.

    Please correct me if I made any wrong calculation
    With the boost voltage from 3.6V to 20V, the power capacity will diminish to no more then 3240mAh(90% effectiveness) and I count the power transform effectiveness to 70%(even the seller told me it is 90%), it will be 2520mAh(10000*7.2/20*70%), yet it can still charge the machine once from 0 to 100.
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    Didn't notice this post earlier.. yes, it should be able to charge it, just a bit slower.

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    I also have a TF Pro T303UA.
    What do you recommend now as a Power Bank for Transformer 3 Pro?
    I called the Asus store for US and they no longer have the Zenpower Max.
    The ZMI USB PD Backup Battery & Hub which I found when searching for the ZMI10 is available from



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