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    Unhappy non-responsive screen when docking the padfone to the station

    Anyone got the same issue?
    When you dock the phone to the station, it vibrates to indicate the connection.
    Then the station screen has a icon that goes in circles, round and round the dots will go, indicating that the station is searching for the connection with the phone. But nothing else happens after that.

    I had this problem earlier in the year and sent it in for repairs.
    The service center returned my fone and station and told me they changed the motherboard for both devices.
    barely 1 month later, the same issue occur.

    Anyone else has the same problem?
    Other than going back to the service center to get the motherboard replace, what other solutions is there?
    It is a real pain to have to try to restore all my custom tweaks to the phone after getting it back from the service center.

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    I just wanted to say that I to had this problem mentioned above. I spent a lot of time searching for a resolution online with no joy. I ended up wasting the capabilities of my padfone by using it as merely a phone for a very long time. I have now purchased an asus fonepad note 6 for work and my padfone 1 has become my personal and less used phone. Now I had the time to play around with it I decided it was time to fix tis problem. I read online that the problem can be from dirty connections. I searched for how to clean micro USB connections online and came across this video . I followed the mans instructions using medical alcohol apposed to vodka. I also used a staple to carefully remove all the dust from deep down in both the USB and hdmi ports. I then cleaned them again worth alcohol getting the cotton wool deep inside the ports. Finally I cleaned the three gold dots towards the bottom of the phone and cleaned all the connections on the station also. After drying with hairdryer on low heat and low power I connected the padfone to the station and it started instantly. It does not work everytime I connect the devices sometimes I need to disconnect 2-3 time before it works but I'm happy with the results. Hope this reply does not come to late and can help other users of this device.



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