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Thread: I wish ASUS took the time to read this Forum. Buying desicion. Sony Z better option?

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    Unhappy I wish ASUS took the time to read this Forum. Buying desicion. Sony Z better option?

    Well, it turns out that I am tired of waiting and waiting for the Padfone 2 to become a reality for 3G 1900 MHz band... And now that CES is close, I think I will probably buy the new still unannounced Sony Xperia Z or ZL whichever has the 3G bands I need...

    ASUS is taking too long to release an American version of their phone and it is going to cost them many potential costumers...

    As much as I love the company, it has been a bit of a disappointment after the other...

    - No microSD card
    - No Keyboard dock (I bought the Logitech K810 which I absolutely love and recommend, so this is a minor problem)
    - No US version yet
    - No 1080p screen for tablet (or phone, but this is minor)
    - MHL adapter needed for TV out.

    So... I balanced the goods and bads and for the PRICE which is quite high, the new rumored Sony Xperia Z/ZL (Yuga / Odin) beats the PadFone in all those mentioned cons.... and its even going to be WATERPROOF!!!

    Bottom line... Either ASUS release a ~$500 PadFone 2 in the US (or ~$650 with tablet) soon.... Or Many people in America (that is not just the US, like me in Venezuela) are going to wait and buy Sony, Samsung and other beasts out there...

    I can't deny that I absolutely loved the PadFone 2 when it was announced and it was easily the best phone at the moment... but it seems to be quickly losing the title...

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    ...they are notoriously poor with release dates. (the sony sounds nice btw...waterproof? cool) thanks for your thoughts.

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    I share your disappointment...

    So much so that I have just bought the original Motorola Razr XT910 & I am now considering the Lapdock for that device - total price for both combined - £375, approximately half the price of the Padfone 2...

    The good news about the Razr is that it is almost vanilla android - but has some nice Moto apps as well. Motorola have told me that a sim free handset will be getting Jelly Bean in the UK towards the end of Q1 2013 - a nice bonus

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    Well... it turns out that I was partially wrong...

    Sony unveiled the new devices yesterday and for me there is also a little bit of disappointing... SO 2 steps forward and 1 back.

    Sony Xperia Z. Highlights

    - Dustproof, Waterproof (IP55, IP57)
    - 1080p front facing video rec.
    - Very thin. 5.47 x 2.80 x 0.31 inches (139 x 71 x 7.9 mm)
    - MicroSD Slot


    - Also has MHL
    - Has LTE... but it is 3G ONLY for 850, 900, 2100 (kinda like PadFone 1&2)
    ** (There is a chance of existing a variation with more 3G bands) **

    NOW the second handset (which is what ASUS should have done... release an international version) is the

    Sony Xperia ZL. Highlights

    - More compact, but thicker... 5.18 x 2.73 x 0.39 inches (131.6 x 69.3 x 9.8 mm)
    - MicroSDXC Slot up to 64GB


    - Also uses MHL
    - NOT waterproof
    - Front facing camera is at the bottom right of the device (not a con, just weird)

    Bottom line... I am realizing that MHL standard is becoming more and more adopted, but there isn't enough MHL TV out there to compensate its limitations.

    Also, Sony will release them in march, the soonest, so in the meantime I will stick to my broken phone and save money... IF ASUS release a broader version of the PadFone 2, then I guess there isn't many reasons for me to buy the Sony Xperia ZL. I was looking forward to having the waterproof phone, but if it does not have the 3G band of 1900 MHz, there is no use for me then...

    SO... tic toc tic toc

    ** UPDATE **

    It turns out that there is a little bit of hope for getting the Xperia Z in markets where it would be 3G for 1700 and 1900 as well as 850 900 2100 MHz...

    An article appeared with info that the global version is the C6603 with 850, 900 and 2100 bands with LTE.... while there might be an american version with 1700 and 1900 bands included but no LTE

    Crossing fingers...
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