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    Padfone battery life & Google play

    Hi anyone can teach me how to extend my battery life of the padfone.

    Also i have another issue is that my google play store cannot download any applications.

    Really appreciate it if someone can help me on this.

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    Well I dont have the PadFone... but you can go with the basics like:

    - Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS when they are not in use...
    - Dim the screen brightness since Automatic mode is not efficient in say, an office...
    - Turn off Haptic Feedback
    - Turn off or change to the least, the automatic refresh for apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+
    - No live wallpaper

    Then you can go to advance stuff like:

    - Since the screen is AMOLED, you need to use the least White pixels as possible... that means...
    > Dark wallpaper (the blackest the better)
    > Changing the screen to "invert" color mode (negative colors) when browsing web pages, reading apps that uses white background and the likes...
    - Download an application for making the phone automatic...
    > Llama (my favorite app of android) allows you to automatically control features on the phone like: "when arriving home, turn wifi on, bluetooth off"... "when leaving home, turn wifi off"... "when at the office, turn brightness down"...

    You get the point...

    Anyway hopefully this help a bit. It has helped me with my SGS3



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