Just a tip for all.

Better take a picture of your phone condition before sending it to asus for a service.
Send my phone to check the screen due to some blue tint found on the screen and also the tablet LCD having some issue with the LED lights.(Claim to have a issue with the installation of the back panel)
*ASUS Agreed to change it.

When i got back the padfone back, i realised that there was a chipped at the side of the phone which before i sent it does not have.(as i just took it out of the box to use and realised the blue tint.Similiar to the issue Sony faced with the Xperia S)

Now i am wondering whether they can get the padfone front cover replaced only (dont think they will change the whole unit) as they will probably say it was caused by me.
But i cant really stand the chipped as its a new phone and it has already a chipped on the side which isnt caused by my usage
(Moreover its beside the screen)

Should i try my luck in trying to get a replacement to the front cover??

As for the station i yet to get it back.Hoping that there isnt any issue with it.

Just a tip to my fellow Asus owners.