Padfone Delay Likely Caused by Snapdragon S4 Shortages | Netbooknews - Netbooks, Netbook Reviews, Smartbooks and more

ASUS had a launch event here in Taiwan announcing that the Padfone would go up for pre-order on April 4th and on sale April 20th in Taiwan, Germany, Hong Kong & Singapore. *We have since*receiving*word from Chunghua Telecom that our Padfone would be delayed until Mid-May and the word on the street in the computer market is that we’ll be seeing it on May 11th. *There was no*explanation*provided except that the the*shipment*from ASUS was*delayed.

On Friday Qualcomm had an earning call last week has shed some light onto the delay. *Qualcomm announced on the*call that it is struggling to meet demand for its latest S4 Snapdragon chips. **The company had underestimated demand for its Snapdragon chips, and is now trying to push some of its other products as an alternative. *We’re sure that this will result in some partners choosing solutions from other ARM SOC manufacturers like TI or Nvidia.