I have the same issue and have tried all 4 of the items listed below, including a trickle charge for 72+ hours which yielded only a green light on the power button. I saw one response on another site that it might be a "battery/charging" issue. Is the issue the charge port or battery? Potentially both? I have replaced the charge port and batteries on several other devices. I was wondering if anyone has tried this to fix the issue? The only reason I haven't tried in this case is that the replacement batteries are about 40$ which is a bit steep for troubleshooting tests. I found charge ports on ebay for about 2$ so I might start there although that will take some soldering. Just wondering if any users or administrators on this site have seen success with either of these options or if there is another solution.


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I have an Asus Memo Pad K001 that won't turn on. When I plug it in to charge, the orange light on the power button lights up, and has turned green at least once. I do not get any battery charging indicator to show up on screen, though. Below is a list of things I have tried:

1) Long press the power button (for at least 60 sec)
2) Cold boot
3) Hard reset using reset button near SD card slot
4) Tried plugging into Computer and the driver will not install. The computer doesn't seem to recognize it.

Based on all of this, I think the issue is the main system board, but I thought I would check with the community first, and see if anyone had any other suggestions. And if it is the main system board, would I be able to buy another broken Memo Pad and swap out the system board, or will I have to worry about hardware not being identified because of a serial number issue? Appreciate any help you can give me.