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    PLEASE HELP my tablet wont turn on!

    my memo pad smart is barely a month or so old, and I was using it just fine yesterday evening. it auto locked like it always does when I don't use it for more then 60secs or so, and I forgot to get back into it and turn it off. I took it upstairs to charge it and left it all night. and all day today. so its been on the charger for more then 12hrs to say the least. I do not have a docking station. just the wall charger. the tablet will NOT turn on. I have tried the holding the power button down for 30secs, 60secs, then just a few secs. I have also tried holding the volumedown button and power button together to get it to turn on. nothing. no matter how long or what specifically I press, it will NOT turn on. if I plug it into the charger, the charge light is orange but only briefly, then goes to green, so it HAS to be charged. but not one thing will show up on the tablet showing any signs of life. I am feeling hopeless. this is the second tablet (the first one was not an asus) that has all the sudden had issues out of nowhere. can anyone please please help??

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    Try shining a flashlight on the screen to see if you can see anything. There is a chance the backlight is not working. If this is the case, the flashlight will allow you to see if there is anything on the screen. If that does not yield anything, do you have a microHDMI to HDMI adapter to hook up to a TV and see if it works on there? If it does, then it is a display issue. It could be a bad video card, bad video cable, bad backlight, or bad backlight cable.

    Either way, I would call Asus and have them take a look at it and see if they can fix it. It should still be under warranty.

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    I have this exact same problem. Only I learned about a 'trickle charge' from a USB cord to my computer. that worked one time only. I got the table charged enough take a charge from the regular wall charger for two times and then it happened again! It worked fine for about two days of use and when I plugged it in the third time, it has never charged again. I've tried the trickle charge time and again as well as different chargers than the original charger that came with it. I can't get the thing to come on at all. so I can even try a factory reset or back up data or protect anything. I don't even know where to begin to try to contact Asus for return. It was a gift and I don't have a clue where it was bought. Can anyone help?



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