I know that this part of the forum does not see much activity but I want to mention a recent experience I had with my ME301T. My son dropped it a week ago and broke the glass to the point it was nearly impossible to use as it would either not register the touch or not in the correct spot. I managed to make a full nandroid backup with TWRP and sourced a new (used) ME301T from flea bay. Installed TWRP, and although it took me a couple tries, I was successful in installing the backup.

He uses the tablet mainly for watching you tube, but also plays a game (terraria) and has much game data stored on the tablet. Thank goodness the data was preserved.

I had also made a Titanium backup in April of this year but could not get TB to recognize it in order to restore it or that particular app and data. I'm not quite sure that is and was thrilled that TWRP didn't let me down. Worth mentioning I use the free version of TB, not the paid version. Still, I thought it still should have at least recognized the backup. Oh well.