Hello all,

I have a ME301T that I have spent the last 14 hours attempting to install OmniROM 4.4.4 so that I can gain screen mirroring. I don't think I have gotten anywhere.

I started by rooting with Motoroot. Then I tried to unlock my bootloader with the Asus bootloader unlocker app for the transformer 300t. The app gets to the very end and then gives the message, "An unknown error occurs which may be a network connection issue. Please wait and try again later". I registered my tablet with Asus, no change, same error.

I installed SuperSu by Chainfire app, enabled SU on root, and verified the device was rooted. I used Chainfire to "unroot" the tablet, but I understand that the only way to fully "un-root" the device is to replace all of the firmware, which I have had zero success with. I have downloaded the firmware update from Asus for US SKU models, cant get the update to take. I have re-named the unpacked zip file (just the first tier, leaving the update file a zip still) and placed it in the root of the SD card, the tablet will not see an update. I have tried entering fastboot on the tablet with the button method as well as the adb reboot bootloader command then using assorted fastboot commands, always I get the message "waiting for device" and nothing happens. I have used multiple computers, various USB cables, assorted drivers, different USB ports, searched a kazillion threads, I'm about to eat a shotgun. I don't know if my bootloader is unlocked or not. I'm starting to think it's not, but I don't understand why the legitimate firmware update from ASUS wont install with fastboot. Every time I enter boot to restore (power and vol down) the three options, RCK Android and Wipe Data. Selecting RCK produced a dead android with a red triangle/exclamation point.

Someone needs to make a tablet that is made for custom ROMS...seriously. They would get obscenely rich very fast.

I would be happy if I could get any piece of code to flash on my device....weather it be an Asus update, any version of TWRP, hell, even CWM, or the bootloader unlocker to work. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!