Good day to all.

1. I have an asus memo (me375cl at&t) and have ben hard pressed to find its drivers *anywhere* online.
SITUATION: I have tried *EVERYTHING* that is advised on the web to connect my tablet to my PC. Unfortunately, I continue to get an error THE USB DEVICE THAT YOU HAVE CONNECTED TO THIS COMPUTER MALFUNCTIONED AND WINDOES DOES NOT RECOGNIZE IT. When I open up the device manager and click on he UNRECOGNIZED DEVICE I see an error code 43. Online research states that this can be a result of many fashions, ALL of which ive been trying to fix since Dec 2018, but to no avail. Strangely enough the tablet is recognized enough for it to be powered by my laptop, so im guessing that the port is working a-ok. For some reason however I continue to get the error of doom: UNRECOGNIZED DEVICE. I have updated drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, completed al updates to the motherboard/chipset/..graphic sand sound advised from the Lenovo site (my laptop it running windows 10 on an Ideapad from Lenovo)…NOTHING WORKS. Ive contacted Asus and they no longer support the drivers for this device so....
I am not tech savy at ALL but have had to learn a bit in the attempt to obtain and download the drivers for my memopad. Research has come across something called ADB drivers, I think I remember something called APX or ADX.. or something with A?X (possibly specific to Asus tablets?)and another thing called Fastboot. Ive also learned about something called "universal naked drivers" which, when researching sounded like an easy-peasy foolproof way to get drivers for the memo.
BUT-I am not sure if they worked or if I did something wrong, or if I downloaded "fake" universal naked drivers (if I sound ignorant in my reference to these items: I am)..either way- THIS SOLUTION STILL RESULTS IN THE ERROR MESSAGE OF UNRECOGNIZED DEVICE

*** I am NOT interested in resetting the device back to its factory settings and losing all of my data****

2. Can anyone tell me where passwords are stored on a tablet? Like are they stored to a memory card? a sim card? internal memory? a "partition" (whatever that is)?