Hi ,

Far anyone who has had the same trouble as me !!!!!
I recently put all my apps onto a removal SD card from my memopad as it was playing up and now is useless , anyhow my Husband gave me his as he doesn't use it ,
yipee!! all i have to do is put my apps on , really is that all, well no actually it is much more involved that that.

I download the Amazon app for android ,Play store was already loaded . On Amazon when i got to the My Apps option , i tried to click to open app but no joy , went to one of the apps and choose to buy with one click even though i had already bought it , no joy, said" you already have this on your device"
( i don't ) !!. Well there was no way i could get them on , looking on the Amazon My apps all my apps were shown on the Cloud and also on the Device but no way would they go onto the device . Play store was easy that worked fine .
I contacted Amazon and there emails came and said to do this do that , which i already had done to no avail.
I manged to speak to a person and he said , because i have them on my SD card i am trying to copy and it not permited , i think you should delete your card and start again . I agreed but was a bit hesitant as i didn't want to lose levels on certain games ( i bet you know which one !!) .
So i did a factory reset and started again , then i left the SD card out of the device and went to the Amazon store and downloaded the apps i wanted from
the cloud , of course when they came on , my games levels where all gone (Oh no !!!).
Well i thought i will put the SD card back in and choose which apps i wanted back on , this is the key , once the apps are on the device they will load in from the SD card and all your levels on games will be back to were they had been when you saved them on the SD card .
So i am glad i didn't do what Amazon said and deleted my card !!!
Hope this makes sense and maybe one day help someone .
Thanks all who helped me .