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    External monitor with the Asus MeMo Pad HD 7

    Can we connect an external monitor with the Asus Memo Pad HD 7 ? Perhaps a PC widescreen monitor or maybe our TVs.

    One time my desktop quit working for a while and I used my laptop, plugged in the big screen monitor, keyboard, printer and mouse and was surprised with how well I functioned with my laptop - I seemed like I was on my desktop. I interacted with the monitor, mouse, printer and keyboard (didn't have external storage drives at that time) and didn't really care what size the CPU box was while using the computer. Can't help wondering with the fairly powerful HD 7 (more powerful than my desktop and laptop at that time) if I could use the tablet when moving around and still plug in and use it for work like a desktop when I'm at my desk.

    Not sure if the monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer (see separate discussions for printing), external storage all would need to be bluetooth or WiFi connections to the Memo pad or if USB or some sort of docking station like laptops used to have, might be helpful. ... or if much of the extra hardware connections are possible.

    Really I suppose the question is how close can we have the Memo Pad HD 7 function like a desktop, utilizing extra hardware and still be able to separate and have the mobility when needed? Is this extra work worth it over having multiple computers that work somewhat differently and sometimes have to be synced?

    What have others been able to do?
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    Well it starts to get expensive, the asus miracast dongle does what you want as far as seeing the HD7 on a large screen [TV or projector] for $100, I do not know about the dongle from miracast $60. The $35 Chromecast will not let you see the HD7 and is very limited for most, I use it everyday.

    For external storage I use a SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive and do like it.

    I do not have a need for a keyboard or mouse with my HD7 so have never tried them. If there are more than two people that would want to do what you are asking I'm sure someone will make a dock for the HD7 or 8.

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    here you go, everything is included in the will need a usb flash-drive to update the firmware, works like a charm for me.
    Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Display Receiver: Audio :

    Sandisk WiFi Storage,

    use B.T. for your mouse & keyboard.

    back-lit keyboard,

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