I don't recall anyone mentioning if a bluetooth mouse works with the Asus MeMo Pad HD 7 or not and if so what functionality the mouse has?

When my mouse has stopped working on my Windows Desktop, I've found it very hard to navigate without the mouse (then my Desk top is not a touch screen either) and I was wondering if a mouse might be of assistance on the memo pad.

One might wonder about the need for a mouse with a tablet touch screen, but perhaps ?
- the mouse might allow more precise positioning of the cursor than my finger (where did I put that stylus?)
- I wonder if the Memo pad would recognize not only the left click, but a right click - I suppose it is too much to hope for that the mouse could highlight, drag and drop, allow cut, copy and past functionality.

I wonder if the bluetooth mouse would interfere with a bluetooth keyboard (on my list to try) and if there are bluetooth keyboards with touch pads that might work with the memo pad.

If a bluetooth works with the Memo Pad and helps, what are some good cost conscious choices, I see prices vary.

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I have noticed with my mom and sometimes myself, that the touch screen is more intuitive to touch to click than a separate mouse or keyboard action to move a cursor on a separate monitor.