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Yes because chromecast is not simply a screen mirroring device. Everything has to pass through Google’s servers and be processed before being sent to the chromecast. It also allows for apps to have unique second screen support rather than a simple mirror function. Chromecast however has android and desktop screen mirroring as well but it is subject to low frame rate.
Gotcha!!! That's the way I originally interpreted it, that it relied upon having to establish a connection to the Google servers. That's probably good in that you can probably have the 2 devices located far apart from each other and even on different networks and still be able to see the screen projection.

For my purposes, I'm using the PTV3000 more as projection device similar as physically connecting to a projector in an office environment, where I couldn't rely upon having internet access available. So for my purposes, the PTV3000 sounds like it was the correct choice.