Hi everyone. I recently purchased an ASUS MeMo Pad FHD 10 and found some basic instructions for how to root the device.
Here are the steps I took.

CRITICAL NOTE: I purchased the tablet in April 2014. Upon initial start-up, the device downloaded and installed the newest Android O/S (4.3).
So, at the time I rooted the machine, I was running the "stock" 5.0.16 version of android.
When I go to SETTINGS --> ABOUT TABLET --> BUILD NUMBER I see the following: JSS15Q.US_epad-V5.0.16-20140226
I'm not sure this process will work for any other build ... so be careful!!
I figured this out from other sites and they DEFINITELY specify to only do this specific rooting process on US-based machines (ones that contain "US" in the Build number ... like the one shown above).

You will need:
- ASUS tablet
- USB cable
- Your PC

1. Get this file onto the PC. It is the 5017 root update file and can be downloaded here:
2. Connect your Tablet to the PC using USB cable
3. Copy the above file to the “Internal Storage” folder of your tablet (not your External SD card, but the internal storage itself). Put the file in the "root" directory of the internal storage.
(In Windows Explorer on my PC, this simply shows as "Internal Storage")
4. Disconnect the USB cable
5. The system should recognize that there is an update to install and it will show a small icon in the top tray that is a triangle with an exclamation point in it.
6. Drag-down from the top of the screen and select the option to apply the update.
7. The system will reboot.

It should now be rooted.
To confirm, you can use a tool like the "Terminal Emulator" app (you can get it from Google Play store for free).
If you run that app it will show you a text emulator window and your cursor will be sitting at a $ prompt.
Type "su" (without the quotes) and press ENTER.
My system now responds with "root@ME302C:/ #"
You can type "exit" and press ENTER (twice) to close the Emulator app.