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Thread: "Unfortunately ... [almost everything]... has stopped"

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    "Unfortunately ... [almost everything]... has stopped"

    I have spent almost 2 days researching solutions on the internet... I've read information until my eyes are blurry and watched instructional videos on YouTube. Forgive me if somewhere here on your forum I have missed my sought after solution... or maybe there isn't one (?) So it is with angst... and hope, that I start this new thread ...

    My son was gifted with an ASUS ME172V memo pad (I used to think it was a tablet... but I learned something already!)
    It has been working fine for the past several months that he has owned it. When he turned on the power a couple days ago several repetitive messages continually flashed on the screen stating: (in no particular order... they come quick and I tried to note them all)

    Unfortunately the process has stopped
    Unfortunately the process android.process.acor has stopped
    Unfortunately picasa uploader has stopped
    Unfortunately key chain has stopped
    Unfortunately google play services has stopped
    Unfortunately words has stopped
    Unfortunately pandora has stopped
    Unfortunately buddy buzz has stopped
    Unfortunately sticky memo has stopped
    Unfortunately ASUS weather & time has stopped
    Unfortunately hangouts has stopped
    Unfortunately exchange services has stopped
    Unfortunately to do list has stopped
    Unfortunately contacts has stopped
    Unfortunately calendar has stopped
    Unfortunately google search has stopped
    Unfortunately google play movies & TV has stopped

    ... you get the idea. The messages seem to loop as if the application is trying to start and failing and trying to restart again and failing. The first message being the most frequent. The one thing that does seem to work is the MLB app that reports scores. There are brief pauses in the onslaught of stopped messages where I am able to maneuver around menus and have tried several things that I have read about:

    First thing... shut off and restart
    Second thing... hard reset (cold boot?) ... by holding down volume and power. I also tried to use the pin hole.
    None of the above did anything to help.

    I know with my home computer there is a safe mode that you can access but I have not been successful in finding out if that is possible with this memo pad... and if so what do I do?... or if it would even help my problem?

    Next I tried the following ... all while still trying to dodge flashing messages:

    I went to settings - Apps - All - clicked on the three box/dots on the upper right and Reset app preferences... restarted device, problem still not solved.

    I went back to settings - Apps - All and tried uninstalling updates on google apps. That did not work.

    Then I tried to force stop and disable apps... it was as if the device did not even recognize the disabling.

    Then I tried to clear cache and/or data on google apps... the cache would not clear and data would not clear (it sort of flashed a blue highlight behind it but did not go to zero.)

    I checked the download manager to see that it was enabled.

    I tried looking in storage to see if there was anything that I thought was malicious or suspicious. ... nothing.

    I've tried some/all of the above repeatedly and in conjunction with powering off the device and restarting it.

    I don't know where else to look or what else to try before I have to decide on the "factory reset" option. Do you have any other suggestions?

    I appreciate your consideration of my post and my problem.

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    Welcome to the forum

    Congratulations on such a great deal of research and for trying to fix this yourself. Good job.

    Now for my advice - I don't think I can advise anything but a Factory Reset. (We have a guide on that linked from the Master Help Guide in my signature, below). To be honest, while it might take an hour or so to reinstall the apps you want afterwards, it will be much quicker & is almost guaranteed to work. But if it doesn't you will know you have a faulty device that needs returning to Asus.

    Good luck & all the best

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    Thank you for your reply janner43. Sometimes one just needs confirmation (and encouragement) that they need to do the inevitable. I have a busy day but will give the factory reset a try and get back to you on the results.
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    Hi. I'm back after a successful factory reset!

    At the final prompt of the process ... "erase data" ... I started having the same difficulty I had when I tried to clear cache and clear data from my apps. The prompt just glowed a blue back light when I clicked on it. It took several repeated attempts (in between the annoying "unfortunately.... has stopped messages") tapping on the prompt before it finally powered off to reset.

    Thank you again, sincerely, for your efforts with this helpful forum.



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