I was researching these and got quite flummoxed. I need the tablet for navigation, among some other things, so having a built in hardware compass (magnetometer, not something deduced from GPS) is a plus. From the Asus specs, the 7" has gyro, accelerometer, and compass, while the 8" only has accelerometer (both have GPS, 8 has better cameras.

Is this true? Websites listing specs were all over the place, some even messing up GPS capability (which is a pretty big selling point for a wifi tablet).

Anyone verify this? I'm having a hard time deciding between the two, and a good compass might make a difference, although I've got one in my phone. Anyone notice whether NOT having a compass in the 8 makes an impact in navigation? Since you don't walk around with one in hand like a smaller device, I would think not. But still interested.