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since this is my first post, I'd first like to say hello to the entire community!

Straight to the question: Is it possible to use the Asus MeMo Pad 7 as a Host device while simultaneously charging it? An example setup would be attaching an external drive or keyboard to the MeMo via a standard OTG cable while using a USB Power cable to power external device AND MeMo. Since the MeMo only has one USB micro port I thought about using something like this:

Amazon.com : Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power for Samsung i9100 i9300 i9220 i9250 by AtomicMarket : Micro Usb Host Otg Cable W/Usb Power : Computers & Accessories

which probably has a circuit of:


Excited as I was I built the circuit with a 120k and some spare usb cables and since I don't have a MeMo right now, I tested it on other devices: The setup did NOT work on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and Google Nexus 10. It DID however work on two different Sony cellphones of a colleague of mine.

Has anyone already made any experiences with this setup on the MeMo or another Asus Tablet?

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