I just bought this memo pad, and its a great upgrade from my old but trusty HP touchpad (may its tablet soul rest in peace). Recently, my fhd10 started having this hazy problem, much like a TV when the cable was plugged out or signal reception is inadequate. There is also a static-y or buzzing sound that accompanies it every time it does that. I can't do anything unless I turn the tablet off by pressing the power button for a long time. It use to happen when I play games like clash of clans...but now, it happens even when I use the camera or video.

Help! I love my tablet. I hate to return it or have it repaired by Asus and mess everything I have in it...any suggestion or idea what it is...the battery is full, everything works..except when that happens. It use to happen probably once or twice a week...now its almost every 2 days.