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    first fonepad... but with issues

    Yes I've got one.. the new fonepad.
    but it has issues I don't get.. why won't it install Firefox?

    My other droid had no problems installing Firefox.
    the fonepad always says there's a problem with the archive when I download it from the playstore. I also tried backup apk from my other droid it's backup-folder. Always the same error..
    I guess it's got something to do with the Intel CPU..

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    Welcome to the Forum. I don't think it has anything to do with the CPU. I would do a Factory Reset and then try the download...

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    Sorry to question Jeffrey here, but the Intel CPU does have compatibility issues with various Android apps - although not as many as might have been the case if Google hadn't put quite a bit of work into development work on Android itself to make it compatible with the Intel CPU.

    I know that Chrome was incompatible only a few weeks ago - it is now compatible - so I would suggest an email to the Firefox development team to ask them if that is the issue.

    In the meantime, perhaps you could try a different browser. Hope that helps & all the best

    I just found this on the Mozilla support site...

    Hi thanks in advance for help. Motorola RAZR I (XT890) Android 4.0.4 No modifications Tried download from google play and mozilla site on each time get downloading then a package invalid error. Says app compatible with my t-mobile XT890

    Any suggestion?

    Chosen solution by kbrosnan
    The Motorola Razr I is a Intel based phone. Firefox for Android only currently works with ARM based phones.

    We are working on making Firefox for Android to work with Intel Android phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by janner43 View Post
    Sorry to question Jeffrey here, but the Intel CPU does have compatibility issues with various Android apps - although not as many as might have been the case if Google hadn't put quite a bit of work into development work on Android itself to make it compatible with the Intel CPU.
    Well, it may be a little late to mention this but its not just Google... as Intel also employs a Binary Translation layer with these ATOM SoCs... Though Google did help Intel with it as well...

    The binary translation layer helps but isn't 100% effective... Just like you can't run all Windows apps under WINE for Linux for example... So Intel only claims about a little more than 90% compatibility with all Android apps, thanks to the fact most Android apps are hardware agnostic and the remaining can be supported under binary translation for varying degrees... The remaining native apps with issues that are either too buggy or won't run at all can either require a minor or major modification to work under x86...

    Fortunately, support has been improving since they first released Medfield and there are far fewer apps now that aren't supported compared to then and it's steadily improving as time passes...

    Note that it's still preferable for all native apps to be re-optimized for x86 because there is a performance hit with any form of emulation... and it doesn't look like Medfield supports any features like hardware support for virtualization and the Z2420 in the Fonepad is a Medfield SoC...

    Too bad Asus didn't use the updated Clover Trail+, not only does it provide more than double the performance that rivals even the S4 but it also provides hardware virtualization support and that would have reduced the hit caused by using Binary Translation and the additional performance might have helped more apps function...

    Someone for example did a test with the Fonepad, running the same game demo app but one version x86 optimized and the other running on binary translation... the x86 version managed about 54fps... while the one running under binary translation was down to about 35fps... So the difference can easily be between smooth and laggy, depending on how the app is being run...

    As for Firefox... They stated they were working on it back in Novemeber... doesn't look like they finished yet but you could try it out...

    Mark Finkle?s Weblog ยป Firefox for Android: Running on Android x86

    Or you can try to side load the latest official version and see if it works...



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