Hello folks, I just found your handy forum when googling for the possible solution for a problem I'm experiencing with a repair I'm working on and thought I might ask for an advice.

I got a slider in which the screen would flicker the odd time (that was not dependent whether the slider was opened or not). I thought it might be a problem with loose cable - i disassembled the tablet, disconnected the battery then reseated the connector on the motherboards end. It did not do the trick so I went to reseat the connector on the screens end - again the same procedure - battery disconnected, reseated the cable on screens end and connected the battery. Since then the tablet does not turn on - when I press the power button all I have is the backlight (it stays even when I press power button once which would switch the screen on normally..). I tried all most common suggestions but still no luck. I noticed that nvidia chip gets really hot and based on the experience with laptop I'd go for reflow/reballing of the chip but before trying that I'm trying to get a second opinion on that.

Have any of you experienced somethign similar with these tablets?

Is there any place where I can buy a motherboard for slider?

Thank you