This tablet is only a few months old.
The other morning I went to put on Netflix for the kids and found that the screen wasn't turning on.
When the power button is pressed, I can see the backlighting turn on, but no image displays on the screen. Powering off the tablet and rebooting it will show the boot screens, but the image is lost before the tablet reaches the log in screen. During the boot screen, where it shows the ASUS letters, some of the pixels are distorted and/or not working. Tablet will still produce sounds.
I don't have extensive knowledge on this subject, but I would presume something in the connections for the display went awry or damaged? Although no great harm has befallen my tablet to my knowledge, I do have three small children, and we use the tablet constantly.
Repairable? Cost? Should I bring this to Best Buy for repairs?
Also, has anyone else had some trouble with their SL101 over heating? This is generally bound to occur if the tablet is charging while in use.