I haven't received it yet - the order is in and assuming stock exists it should be with me on Tuesday. Order placed on the simplyasus web site where they are showing 20+ in stock.

However, I had a bit of an experience trying to get my slider. My missus asked whether I would like an Apple iPad for my upcoming birthday (no thanks, I've had more than enough trouble with iTunes lockdown). Having used an Android tablet previously I knew that was the direction I wanted to take.

I reviewed various tablet options on the Internet, and came to the conclusion that the slider would be useful given its embedded keyboard. I'm really not bothered about it being a little heavier and larger than a regular tablet, I'm not intending to spend all day using it in a handheld arrangement - it'll be on a desk. And I'm not intending to use a keyboard frequently either - I've got a real PC for any heavyweight data entry requirements, the added keyboard is just a convenient option if I am away from home and maybe want to squirt off a quick email etc.

Having made my decision to get one of these wonderful tablets the real fun started - from my experience yesterday afternoon the slider appears to be about as common as rocking horse pooh with respect to actually getting one. The likely local hardware stores were checked out - Dixons, Currys, Comet, PC World. All showing the slider being a stock item - but all out of stock at any local store. A very good sign thinks I - if they are that much in demand then they just have to be a decent item.

I found a PC World store at High Wycombe which reported one in stock, so I booked it. The store was about 12 miles distant so not exactly local - but close enough to be accessible. So I turned up half an hour later to be told that actually it was out of stock and there had been an administrative error. To be fair to them, they did leave a voicemail on my mobile which was recorded minutes after I left home - but as I refuse to take or make calls whilst driving the mobile is always switched off whilst I am in transit (am I the only person in the world that believes using a mobile phone whilst driving is dangerous?).

As I was there I decided that I might as well walk round the store. And what's on show? A slider. And it's working. The online price offered on the PC World web site was 330, but this one was being openly advertised in the store for 349, apparently this price being a significant markdown on the price showing at the end of 2011. Now I'd have been up for considering taking this show device, but the floor manager didn't seem to be up for that idea, he was far too busy fiddling with his mobile phone to continue the conversation with me. So I left the store to review my options elsewhere.

Now whether the online price was an error and the store decided they didn't actually want to sell me one at that price I don't know - but there's no way I would have paid 349 when the Internet was telling me 330. I don't really care either - if PC World's customer support is so lacking that they can't be bothered to offer the display model (with a modest discount) then they can go swivel on a sharp object as far as I am concerned. They don't want me as a customer? Fine. They won't be on my shortlist the next time I'm looking to purchase anything.

I did however have a quick play with the display model whilst in the store, and I liked what I saw. Just what I'm after. It convinced me to keep trying.

Hopefully my initial experience won't be an issue with longer term use of this tablet. That's assuming I don't get an email in the next 24 hours suggesting out of stock....