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  49. [GUIDE] How to backup and restore apps when making a clean ROM flash
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  51. Simple Root without Unlocking Asus tf300tg 4.2.1 ww_epad- VROOT
  52. digitizer firmware 4822.ekt file download?
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  56. Root TF300T stock fully updated
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  58. Unrooting
  59. Rooting latest firmware (Nov 2013) and installing the patch for speeding up browser
  60. New rooting method: Vroot v1.7x, bootloader still locked
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  63. 4.3 jelly bean
  64. Fastboot Issue
  65. script to swap internal mem to microsd question
  66. swap internal mem to microsd
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  68. what is classic root
  69. Help unroot please
  70. Bricked, Any Options?
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  72. Where I can found the partition table of the internal memory?
  73. tf300t bootloader & SKU mismatch; help, please???
  74. Rooted TF300, new Camera app installed but Photo Sphere does not work
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  78. please help, i bricked my tablet
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  80. [Q]Change older Twrp version
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  83. Can't mount SD card
  84. Unlock Question
  85. [SOLVED] TF300T Won't turn on (possibly bricked)
  86. Can only adb coldboot, otherwise straight to twrp
  87. Help for a bricked TF300T [bootloader, adb & fastboot access still OK]
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  91. Anyone know which one of these is the touch driver?
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  101. Looking for help with AXP Mode
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  104. TF300 only boots to CWM, cannot boot normally
  105. Root tf300t
  106. newbie - i have updated to latest jellybean. now is it worth rooting? which one?
  107. hard bricked
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  109. Modding the TF300T so that the volume on music is very high
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  128. Cwm - tf300tl
  129. How to root the ASUS TRANSFORMER TF300TG?
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  131. TF300T Stable Rooting Method
  132. End to Rooting Dilemma or Start of a New 1? Developer's ROM Left on TF300 Post-Repair
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  134. Rooting, custom roms and Asus apps.
  135. Root asus tg300tg ( 3g ) jb french
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  138. Tablet not booting past first ASUS logo
  139. Rooting: Don't KNOW how to do it, Don't WANT to do it; But I guess I have no choice..
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  141. Firmware
  142. Factory Data Reset Jellybean and Root ?
  143. Assistance request for bricked tf300t
  144. [SOLVED] Help! Can't pass through ASUS and TEGRA logo screen, did I brick it?
  145. HELP! CWM Bootloop & SDCARD mounting fail
  146. HELP I've update to JB v10.4.2.9 without unlocking before, sorry :(
  147. Installing Jellybean on Unlock/Rooted TF300T
  148. How to properly backup everything and restore it later?
  149. Has anyone tried to revert to ICS from Jelly Bean on the TF300T?
  150. persist.tegra.nvmmlite
  151. What about CleanROM? Have you tried?
  152. can someone help me with these pleas
  153. GPS issue
  154. Asus TF300T Boot Loop without USB Debugging Mode enabled. HELP!
  155. Root the TF300TG
  156. Anybody, Please help me...
  157. Rooting. I have decided it is now time to learn
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  159. Root & Warranty Repair
  160. "cannot unlock your device, please try again later"
  161. [SOLVED] Need some help.
  162. I bricked it!
  163. Linux on Android - is it usable?
  164. Tf300 keeps rebooting randomly - cyanogen nightly right with clock work
  165. Automated Root
  166. good root tutorial?
  167. Control backlight programmatically
  168. CWM, TWRP, CM9 on XDA
  169. Rooting & ROMing on the tf300 - yes, no, maybe & why
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  171. Software to develop on TF300t