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  1. Potential first time modder
  2. asus tf201 only show twrp screen with enter password
  3. Any way to upgrade to KitKat or anything else from Stock Jellybean (4.1.1)?
  4. Can't access recovery mode, 4 icons but can't select the usb fastboot option.
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  8. NV Flash-wheelie won't generate blobs: Error=65280
  9. Is there an alternative to the Asus UnLock Device App?
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  14. Reformat
  15. Go to a kitkat rom
  16. Can't connect to USB and can't root
  17. [ SOLVED ] Can only get into nvflash wheelie but not fastboot
  18. needing to update from 4.0.4 to 4.4.2. help
  19. How to fix reversal x axis - With no USB!
  20. Unlock, and Root overview questions
  21. Took The ROM Plunge/Made dumb Mistake
  22. CyanogenMod
  23. [SOLVED] TF201 Stuck in CWM
  24. X axis reversal fix
  25. [ROM] [4.4.4] ParanoidAndroid asus transformer prime
  26. paranoid android 4.45 4.4.4 for tf201 asus transformer eee pad prime
  27. Can You Flash Recovery On Locked Transformer TF201?
  28. I rooted before I unlocked the tf201 - Am I now screwed?
  29. Upgrading from ICS Bootloader
  30. Corrupted Internal Storage
  31. Key driver not found HELP!!
  32. Unlock Bootloader "unknown error" problems / boot into recovery problems
  33. No PC will read/recognize my tf 201
  34. tf201 problem rooting please help
  35. Twrp not working
  36. Need to re-install saved backup
  37. twrp
  38. Inverted x-axis: how to find atmel_maxtouch.c
  39. Can't boot into recovery but can boot normally
  40. Transformer Book T100
  41. Can't get into recovery or OS
  42. HELP!!!! tf201 rom flash
  43. TF201 unbootable ...
  44. clockwork recovery not working
  45. TF201 Launcher Stopped After I Changed DPI
  46. Transformer
  47. Hardbricked transformer prime
  48. tf201 Black Screen - APX Only Mode Stuck sending bootloader
  49. Bricked tablet after update and unlock
  50. Strange color display after root
  51. Mounting a network share. TF201. Help
  52. Asus Transformer Prime - TF201 stuck on Splash screen
  53. Unlocked & "motochoppered" TF 201 wont start, load, boot....nadda!
  54. Finally! New root method for TF201- one click! (also works on 300 and 700)
  55. TF201 X-axis recovery inversion
  56. Can I get the "Phablet" UI on stock 4.1.1?
  57. Has anyone gotten the UnLocker "unknown error" problem fixed?
  58. which root path directory saved recovery files for prime
  59. HELP using stock recovery
  60. AndroidRoot.mobi and JB
  61. after flash to a CM rom, the device won't boot
  62. Cannot root since upgrade to JB
  63. Attempted to upgrade to CM10.1 from CM 9.1..stuck at Eee Pad Screen
  64. How to proceed from a ICS 4.03 to Jelly Bean with Root
  65. TWRP doesn't Format Data Partition ?
  66. Stuck in bootloader
  67. Can't load bootloader...bricked?
  68. ubuntu-prime.img.gz
  69. Lost Root permissions
  70. MADE IT!!! From Stock/Locked/Unrooted/OTA-JB UNLOCKED/ROOTED/TWRP. (HOWTO)
  71. The RecoverX Project - Android..Made Easy!
  72. Hey guys never rooted my tab yet hoping to do so.
  73. Is it possible to install the Galaxy note 10.1 rom
  74. New here! And I'm in need of a solid answer....Windows RT on a TF201?
  75. Asus Tranformer Prime TF 201 downgrading from Jelly Bean
  76. Help please. I cant get my tablet working/ Rom problem
  77. Regarding fastboot, blobs and stuff.
  78. Any problems with root and jelly bean update?
  79. Enable/Disable charging from dock
  80. Newbie Question re. rooting
  81. Is my prime now a paperweight?
  82. CM9 Double Keyboard getting very annoying now
  83. Stock Vs. CM 10 knightly?
  84. Flashed a Rom now can't get passed the ROM's boot screen.
  85. CWM 5.5 Boot loop
  86. Root After .21?
  87. Unlocking Transformer Prime
  88. Does unlocking the prime wipe data?
  89. Unable to unlock my prime using the ASUS Unlock Tool
  90. OMG! NVFlash for TF201 Prime available!
  91. driver missing can't boot up
  92. Someone please help!!! Stupid BF got Asus TFP 201 (brand new) stuck in CWM .P
  93. Anyone Flash AOKP .40 Yet?
  94. Problem with installing own apps
  95. Yes....
  96. manually unlock tf201
  97. [SOLVED] Android bot laying down when try to enter CWM
  98. Separating alt key and alt gr key
  99. New mod custom build prop available
  100. Boot loop with CWM touch
  101. Tf201 tablet Emulator to support older version android phone apps?(android phone app)
  102. NEED HELP FAST PLEASE (tf201 problem)
  103. .21 Root method for locked devices now possible
  104. Directory Structure
  105. Unlocked but I dont have any options when I boot to recovery
  106. NVFlash may soon be on the way
  107. Causes of Prime Microstutter? (Choppiness)
  108. adb error in fastboot trying to flash CWM
  109. Go back on software.???
  110. App Inventor
  111. [Request] TF201 Power mode Widget ?
  112. GPS solution?
  113. install
  114. Downgrading firmware / custom rom / unlocking bootloader on TF201
  115. Clockworkmod Touch for Transformer Prime
  116. Stay Awake on USB
  117. requesting help cannot boot into CWM after rooting with vipermod
  118. any word one .21root
  119. [System.UI] Invalid int exception
  120. T-PRIME will not tether to droid x
  121. Help with rooting Transformer Prime via ViperMod
  122. Tf201 stuck recovery CWM
  123. CWM Boot loop transfomrer tf201. HELP!
  124. How to install tun.ko file
  125. How to perform Web Development on Android
  126. Transformer Prime stuck in recovery mode!
  127. One click automated root !
  128. An Update from Gary at Asus
  129. What's the best non-ICS Rom out there?
  130. Rooting
  131. how can i modify the partition table?
  132. USB Debugging Through Other USB Ports
  133. Updating from CN to another English-based SKU with manual update?
  134. Routed Prime and OTA
  135. Unlocked prime question
  136. New to rooting. I have a Transformer Prime and a few questions.
  137. Asus release TF201 Bootloader Unlocker
  138. Developmental Roadmap - First Steps
  139. Root
  140. Rooted Prime question
  141. Will it erase my tablet?
  142. What is the best AVD emulator for Asus Transformer Prime?
  143. How to Root your Prime after OTA (01/24/2012)
  144. Transformer Prime Wii emulator
  145. So How do I root after the OTA update?c
  146. Is there USB 3G Dongle for Transformer Prime?
  147. Root not working after update to firmware
  148. Asus Unlocks Transformer Prime Bootloader
  149. 3G USB stick
  150. ICS flash back to Honeycomb
  151. tun.ko in stock ICS Rom?
  152. Opening Microsoft Office Publish??
  153. Help me root my Prime? (ics)
  154. Rooting your Android Device - What are the benefits?
  155. Mirroring apps
  156. Want to root your prime?
  157. Root now possible
  158. youtube and some browser info
  159. System dump
  160. Welcome to the Transformer Prime Development Section!