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Thread: built-in apps

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    built-in apps

    What does it mean that if you disable a built in app it might "Misbehave"......... Like a brat? I thought I might get rid of some apps that I have never used and probably never will. Is there a safe way to do this? Thanks for the info, P

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    Thread moved to the Applications section of the forum.

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    Parman, the generic warning is there for -- I think -- all the apps that came from the factory. Some of them could cause you trouble if you don't know what they do. ie. you disable cmclient cause you 'believe' you don't use it, all the sudden your tablet won't collect the Asus system updates...whooopsy. Having said that, you can go into Apps/All and safely disable some of them. Click the app you want to disable, hit force stop/clear data/cache and then hit the 'disable' button. I've done a few that way, no issues...I just made sure what they were first. If you're not sure, ask or use your friend google.

    Some of them I've pulled the plug on...

    Vibe Fun Center
    Amazon Kindle
    Asus Email
    Asus Facebook Poster
    Asus My Water(s)
    Asus MyZine
    Asus Sync
    Asus Weather
    Google Play Music
    Google Search
    Movie Studio
    NVIDIA Glowball
    Picasa Uploader
    Polaris Office
    Tegra Zone
    TF 201 w/dock (4.1.1)
    The Master Help Guide

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    If you disable "Gallery", most likely your Camera app will no longer work.

    Some apps are tied together like that.

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