I bought this device in hope it could dualboot Android beside of Windows. Windows doesn't seem to be a good touch OS. The device also doesn't offer powerful hardware, though it should be better than comparably priced Android tablets because I'm not willing to spend a few hundred ? just for a toy (Android) device. I don't need it either, I just want to surf and use "apps", which are often only avaiable on Android.

So far I tested BlissOS and Android x86. Both have flaws, either the Wifi doesn't work after wakeup or the whole OS will freeze on sleep. Can you recommend me a working Android for the T10x's Intel Atom CPU? The one that you use yourself? The Android works, but only until sleep, which is most likely just incompability. BlueStacks doesn't run well and has annoying advertisements, there the virtual keyboard and other things don't work, since its most likely designed for PC users, not ones using a convertible PC like me.