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    Android All Set To Replace Windows As Malware Writers Favorite Target

    From: The Windows Club 12-7-2012

    Sophos recently released its Security Threat Report 2013 for public consumption. The report was based on new platforms being developed and the changing threats and such as BlackHole, Java attacks, Polymorphic attacks, Mac malware and Android threats. The security threat report shows that Android devices are more prone to the hackers’ attacks as compared to the Windows machines.

    According to the report released by Sophos, 10% of Android based devices experienced the malware attack whereas Windows PCs attacks were recorded just 6% in a period of three months.
    The social media attacks are supposed to rise in 2013 and Android mobile platform is the primary target of the attackers, says the report.
    CTO Sophos, Gerhard Eschelbeck wrote in the report “While malware for Android was just a lab example a few years ago, it has become a serious and growing threat.”
    The security threat report 2013 released by Sophos also includes the Android TER (Threat Exposure Rate). The figures in the report reveal that countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, UAE, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Thailand, China and Indonesia are at maximum risk with TER of 23.54% – 11.47% respectively. Norway is considered as the safest country with Threat Exposure Rate (TER) of just 1.81%.

    Threat Exposure Rates


    The Android mobile malware techniques included in the Annual Security Threat Report 2013 were stealing banking information, connecting the Android device to a botnet, increase privileges and sending messages for profit.
    The report further says that the rooted Android devices are more prone to the malware attacks. Rooting evades the inbuilt security programs in Android devices giving the third-party apps access to the personal data.

    You can get the detailed facts by downloading the complete Sophos Security Threat Report 2013.
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    The problem with all these reports is that they are written by vested interest groups.

    AFAIK you cannot get malware on any Android device without direct action by the device owner - if...
    1. You do not allow installation of non Play Store apps in the settings...
    2. You only install well reviewed & well downloaded mainstream apps from the Play Store...
    3. You are not rooted

    While Android's sand boxing is not as rigorous (or restrictive) as Apple's iOS, it nonetheless still requires a user to permit installation or manually install an app, therebye requiring a direct user interaction before any dubious app can be installed if the prior 3 conditions I outlined are true.

    To state that rooting increases the security risk of a device as if it was news is an extraordinary thing to say - that has been know as long as folks have been rooting (ie gaining administrative privileges) their android devices.

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    Hasn't happened yet, because total installed and actively used base hasn't yet approached that of Windows, an os that has shared vulnerabilities al the way back to DOS 6.

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    So all we have to do is make sure not to install anything that is not from play store or not very popular just to be safe.

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    I can say with almost full confidence that 98% of Android users will never get malware. You have to understand that these reports come from companies who profit from security technology. Yes malware for Android does exists and it's prolific but the odds that you will come into contact with it are extremely slim.

    For example a lot of the cases that these reports study occur when you first install a custom non google play app store, then download something like a cracked copy of an official app (that's just asking for trouble) and then give it every permission possible on your phone.

    Google has strict verification procedures and will scan every app you install from their store (and also unknown sources) every so often they release statistics on what they have detected with google play services and they are extremely low.
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